Tuesday, September 10, 2013

" FROM THE BRIDGE AT LOW TIDE" DAY #10 / 30 in 30 Days of Painting

Harpswell, Maine a bridge crossing over to Orr's Island shows the low tide today.  My painting depicts the reflections of the the islands and shoals. This day was early morning and a little of the fog bank just starting to lift.  When the tide is completely out you will see the clammers out( up to their ankles) in the mud working, digging for the clams. Back breaking work (clamming) day after day they show up working in the muck getting those tasty hard shelled molluscs.   All for the love of clam chowder, fried clams and steamed clams on our dinner table....

5x7 Original Watercolor/ Double Matted 8x10 and Framed ready to hang ~~~
Price : $100.00


Sandy said...

Beautiful painting Shelby! I love the feeling of the day that you have captured here.

Vandy said...

Wonderful atmosphere in this. Gorgeous