Monday, September 30, 2013

"THE LILY" DAY 30 ! 30 in 30 Days of Painting

This beautiful sweet lily was a gift from a friend of our beloved son Brandon.  Eight years have passed and he is never forgotten.  His friend Megan from his high school days sent us a bouquet of flowers this month of September and the lily stood out so bright ~ So I decided to paint them for the the last day# 30 .
"Not to be Forgotten"  ~~
11x14 original watercolor/ double matted 16x20  
PRICE:   $ 235.00

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Apple picking time here in Maine.  Cortland apples are one of my favorites for apple pie.  Heading out toward the islands yesterday we saw the old homestead where they always have the apple stand with all the different kinds of apples.  Grabbed a bag of Cortlands, and place eight dollars cash into an old tin box.  When we got back from our visit from the islands, I made the hot apple pie for desert and a nice big scoop of vanilla ice cream and the rest is history ~~~Yummy !

5x7 Original Watercolor/ Doubled Matted 8x10 Framed ready to hand.
PRICE:  $100.00

Saturday, September 28, 2013

" IRIDESCENT DRAGONFLY " DAY 28 / 30 in 30 Days of Painting

We see these pretty dragonflies all over the lakes and ponds here in Maine.  They are eating all the Mosquitos, Blackflies and other annoying " Bugs" that bite us.   It seems they have a life like look to them, love painting this little fly.

5x7 Original Watercolor/ Matted 8x10/framed ready to hang.
PRICE :  $100.00  SOLD

Friday, September 27, 2013

" MY DAUGHTER'S SUNFLOWERS" DAY 27 / 30 IN 30 Days Paintings

Yesterday was a painting day with my daughter, Kellie Chasse.  Painting together is always so much fun, we enjoy listening to music and painting.  The problem sometimes is deciding what to paint.  Kellie decided on another "bug" that has been her theme lately.  If you have seen her posts on 30 in 30 you will understand.  She cracks me up, as I'm looking at all her little bug paintings. My painting was a quick one of her sunflowers she had setting on her table.  The light from her window was changing fast so this is a loose watercolor for me. 

11x14  Watercolor Original/  Double Matted / not framed.
PRICE:      $225.00

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

'' TIMELESS" Day 25 / 30 in 30 Days of Painitng

A place of solitude, rocking on the porch looking out at the ocean.  I love this timeless place, nothing but you and the sound of the seagulls.   The ocean tides making their way out exposing green seaweed and the smells of salt air. A place to be alone with your thoughts, rest, read and paint ~~

16x20  Original Watercolor / Matted / Framed 28x36 
(Photo available in frame by request)

PRICE:   $1,200

"ECHINACEA" Day 25 / 30 in 30 Days of Painting

These coneflowers are prevalent in the Maine fields and woods.  Many pepole plant them in gardens for their bright colors.  This wild flower will bring butterflies and bees ~  Love seeing this flower  on my walks it truly is a beautiful flower ~

8x10 Original Watercolor/ Doubled Matted 11x14/ framed ready to hang ~
PRICE :  $ 175.00

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

" LADY'S SLIPPER " Day 24 / 30 in 30 Days of Painting ~

A walk in the woods you may find this rare wild beauty called the " Lady's Slipper"  The pair of pink slippers hang ever so delicate.  I found a  sweet patch of pink Lady's Slippers while walking our golden retriever in the Maine woods near our house.  The dew was still dripping from the light morning rain running down off the petals.  I stooped down to snap a couple of photo's.  It  was interesting as I started this watercolor painting, I stepped back for a moment looking and I realize how much this flower looks just like a pair of ladies ballerina slippers ~ It also reminds me of the orchid family a little exotic ~

15x22 Original Watercolor/  Double Matted  22x 28  Not framed
PRICE:   $ 475.00

Sunday, September 22, 2013

" HEIGHT OF LAND" Rangeley Lakes, Maine Day 23/ 30 in 30 Days of Painting

As a child I would spend my summers here with my grandparents, the Doyens.  Time after time the "Height of Land" had a euphoric feeling embracing me every time I would visit.  This beauty is  nestled in the western part of the State of Maine.   The site of the lupines in the month of July is a site to behold.   Vibrant colors of purples, blues, pinks, whites and yellows would cascade down the mountain side.  In the far distance you could see mountains reaching to the sky and clouds hanging onto each peak.  Wonderful childhood memories ~~~

5x7 Original Watercolor/ Matted 8x10 Framed ready to hang ~
PRICE:  $100.00

" MAJESTIC" Mt. Katahdin, Baxter State Park, Maine Day 22 / 30 in 30

Mt Katahdin which is just shy of a mile high.  This mountain is 5,267 ft.  Driving along 95 north,  Mt. Katahdin appears with it's majestic view~ that is on a clear day.  It can be breath- taking viewing this mt up close.  The reflections of Togue Pond and all it's reflections in the autumn is outstanding.  If you look close you may see a moose or two hanging around feeding on the plant life. This area of Baxter State Park has it all, camping, fishing, hiking and many trails that will lead you to Knife Edge.  It is the highest mountain in Maine which is the northtern terminus of the Appalachian Trail.

5x7 Original Watercolor/ Matted 8x10/ Framed ready to hang.
PRICE $100.00

Friday, September 20, 2013

" AUTUMN" BELGRADE LAKES, MAINE" DAY 21 / 30 in 30 Days of painting

Belgrade Lakes, Maine has the bold colors of autumn.  The contrast between the pines and maples along with the white birch makes for a great photo and painting.  This quaint little town has it all, antiques,cottages, home cooking and a small bridge connecting the chain of lakes. It is the place to visit for leaf peepers ~~~

5x7 Original Watercolor/ Double Matt 8x10/ Framed ready to hang .

PRICE :  $100.00

" FROM A DISTANCE" DAY 20 / 30 IN 30 Days of painting

Painting today was easy ~ this is where I wanted to be, a quiet peaceful place to rest.  Looking out my window (from a distance) I can see the islands, sailboats and watch the seagulls.  Listen to the water crash onto the rugged rocks below.  The  ocean has that fishy salt smell I remember so well from my own days of sailing.  The colored seaglass bottles were placed ever so gently on the window sill.  The rays of the sun shinning through gives a hint of brighter colors and reflection.   Enjoy ~~

5x7 Original Watercolor/Double Matted 8x10/ Framed ready to hang~~~
PRICE : $100.00

Thursday, September 19, 2013


This painting was last night's painting class.  This scene was full of color and blending background to "POP" out the "Poppies, no pun intended... We had a great time, a glass of wine fun with a great group of people.  Check out the group on

5x7 Original/Watercolor Matted 8x10/ framed and ready to hang.
PRICE : $100.00

Monday, September 16, 2013

" SEPTEMBER SAILING IN MAINE" Day 16 / 30 in 30 Days of Painting

If you look between the islands you will find a sailboat heeled over catching the wind in the sails.  Sailing off the islands in Maine can be challenging, the rocky coastline is full of shoals.  The islands offer much beauty, ospreys, eagles, herons, cormorants and seagulls.  If your are lucky you may spot a seal, porpoise or even a whale ~~~~

5x7 Watercolor/Original Double Matted 8x10/ Framed ready to hang.
PRICE:  $100.00

Sunday, September 15, 2013

" THE LOVE OF CARDINALS" Day 15 30 in 30 Days of Painting

The cardinals were out in full bloom yesterday on my deck.  Back and forth flirting with other birds, Bluejays, Mourning Doves and oh yeah lets not forget the squirrels all working to get those seeds.  Maine is so pretty this time of the year, the only problem it goes by so fast, however, the beautiful red cardinal never leaves us.   To see this bird in the winter months against the snow is mystical as he flutters his reds and sings with his mate ~~~ The Love of Cardinals

5x7 Original Watercolor/ Double Matted 8x10 / Framed ready to hand. 
PRICE:  $100.00

Saturday, September 14, 2013



 Many people collect,sea glass,shells, and driftwood from Maine. My good friend Kay, collects rocks.  Many years of hunting and searching for just the right shape, "heart" she meticulously places each rock like a painting or puzzle.
5x7 Original Watercolor Matted 8x10 framed
Price $100.00

Friday, September 13, 2013

"LUCKY THE LOST GNOME" Day 13 30 in 30 Days of painting

Today is Friday the " 13",  knowing my days of painting are becoming more challenging I decided to put my illustration skills to work.  As an artist and illustrator for children's books I thought this little fellow would be  a different post for the 30 in 30.  Plus this little gnome has a true story.  His name is Lucky, but somehow he missing for my garden.  My husband (Steve) placed him out in our little forest and I guess someone liked him and now he is gone.  This painting was created in memory of Lucky the lost gnome ~~~

5x7  Original Watercolor/  Double Matted 8x10/ Framed and ready to hang.

PRICE :  $100.00

Thursday, September 12, 2013

" ROARING BROOK" DAY #12 / 30 in 30 Days painting

In the western part of the Maine Mountains the running brooks are a place of beauty.  The sparkling clear waters run off from the White Mountains down through the  Androscoggin Valley.  White birch cascade along the rocky shore and with a nip in the air, the autumn leaves are showing their colors.  Leaf peepers, show up with their cameras waiting to get just the right photo.~~~

5x7 Original Watercolor/ Ink/ Double Matted 8x10 / Framed / Ready to Hang

PRICE:  $ 100.00

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"CUCKOO NEST" Day 12 - 30 in 30 Days of Painting

This colorful painting arrived unexpectedly on Day 12 of 30 days of painting.   I was painting trees  and had a (painters block) and therefore became a little Coo Coo.  Hence, a  drop of black paint fell upon my tree  ~~~  We artist claim there are no mistakes, it was just meant to be a Cuckoo Bird in a tree.   One bird was not enough, two more joined the flock and along came the nest.  We do have Cuckoo Birds in Maine .

5x7 Original Watercolor/ Double Matted 8x10/ Framed ready to hang  ~~~
PRICE  $ 100.00

" LOOKOUT POINT " Day #11 / 30 in 30 Days of painting

Reference Photo by Benjamin Williamson, Photography, Maine
~Thank you Ben~
The sunset at Lookout Point in Harpswell, Maine is always outstanding, the reflections when the tide is out the light breeze will shimmer across the waters left behind that fill in all the cracks and holes as the tides continues its ebb and flow.  The water slowly creeps out over the rocks and seaweed and a path becomes visible
to start your cross to explore the island.  This is Joe's Island, which I  have painted many times, its beauty changes with the seasons ~~~~

5x7 Original Watercolor/ Double Matted 8x10/ Framed/ Ready to hang
Price : $100.00

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

" FROM THE BRIDGE AT LOW TIDE" DAY #10 / 30 in 30 Days of Painting

Harpswell, Maine a bridge crossing over to Orr's Island shows the low tide today.  My painting depicts the reflections of the the islands and shoals. This day was early morning and a little of the fog bank just starting to lift.  When the tide is completely out you will see the clammers out( up to their ankles) in the mud working, digging for the clams. Back breaking work (clamming) day after day they show up working in the muck getting those tasty hard shelled molluscs.   All for the love of clam chowder, fried clams and steamed clams on our dinner table....

5x7 Original Watercolor/ Double Matted 8x10 and Framed ready to hang ~~~
Price : $100.00

Monday, September 9, 2013

" LOVE, DEATH & REBIRTH" DAY # 9/ 30 in 30 Days of Painting

There are many stories, myths, legends,poems,superstitions and ART about the butterfly.  Picasso painted butterflies ~ The butterfly has been symbolic of Love, Death, and Rebirth, Transformation, Hope, Freedom and Spiritual Awakening ~ The butterfly is also the Symbol of our fragile and complex ecology and is a scientific wonder ~  Maraleen Manos-Jones

"literature and butterflies are the two sweetest passions know to man "  ~~ Vladimir Nabokov

I choose a Monarch today to paint because it represents to me a special place in my heart, Love, Death & Rebirth ~~~~

5x7 Original Watercolor/ Double Matted 8x10 Framed ready to hang.
Price: $100.00

Sunday, September 8, 2013

" QUIET PLACE " DAY # 8 / 30 in 30 days of painting

I remember as a young girl I would sit for hours by the water watching all the ducks crossing the lake and how quiet and peaceful it would be.  Sometimes we all need a tranquil and calm place, hope this painting can take you there. ~~~~

5x7 Original Watercolor/ Doubled Matted & Framed 8x10, ready to hang.
Price :  $100.00

Saturday, September 7, 2013

" HANGING OUT TO DRY" Day # 7 / 30 in 30 Days of Painting

This is a true story : I was out on Monhegan Island, Maine 2 wks ago, and this Cormorant was literally hanging himself up on this line to dry.  They have no oil on their wings, so they must open them to dry in the wind.   I found this to be so funny, snapped a photo and thought it would make for a interesting "painting".  I really had fun painting this  "crazy bird" laughing while this creation came to life for me ~

5x7 Watercolor/Original/ Double Matted 8x10/ Famed,  ready to
"hang" no pun intended !

Friday, September 6, 2013

" LET THE SUNSHINE IN " Day 6 - 30 in 30 Days of Painting

Today's painting was inspired by my visit to Cushing , Maine.  The place Andrew Wyeth loved.  Andrew's journey for over 30 years of painting in this area has been captured through his studies. This window in the old Olson Home was my inspiration and the way the sunlight came shinning through made this painting come to life.  Enjoy !

5x7 Original Watercolor/ Double Matted /8x10 / Framed
Price  $ 125.00  SOLD

Thursday, September 5, 2013

" SURFSIDE ROCKERS" DAY # 5 - 30 Days of Painting

Back out on the ocean again, Bailey Island, Maine is a beautiful place to paint.  It's got it all, surf, rocks, wild roses, high puffy white clouds and a place to sit and rock and watch the tide come in with all it's force.  I've spent many days here and it always amazes me how it can change so quickly.  One minute it is sunny, beautiful with white clouds, and blue skies . The next minute you could be looking at a storm coming from the open ocean toward the mainland ~

5x7 Watercolor / Original / Double Matted/ Framed/ White or Black  8x10 / Black Backing ready to hang ~

PRICE :   $125.00     SOLD

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

" A TOUCH OF FALL " Day 4 - 30 days of painting

The leaves are starting to change just a " touch" here in Maine.     A cool snap will put a vibrant burst of color into the leaves and another change of a season  " Autumn" will be upon us here in New England.

" A Touch Of Fall " Detailed Watercolor / 5x 7/    Framed, Black Backing, Double Matted  8x10 is ready for hanging.  Price :  $100.00    207-729-9927

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Day 3 ~ 30 Days Of Painting " DOE A DEER"

Maine has much beauty inland as well as the coastline.   This  little pond  snuggled in the western part of the state near the White Mountains of New Hampshire.   Deer stop knowing this is a safe place to take a sip of the fresh spring fed waters and feed on the green grass and apples in the fields not far away ~~~  

Watercolor/Original  5 x 7  Double Matted 8x10 or 11x14 is available for purchase: 207-729-9927

Monday, September 2, 2013

DAY 2 Of 30 Paintings in 30 Days: "MONHEGAN ISLAND, MAINE"

Monhegan Island ten miles off the coast of Maine with 200 foot cliffs on the East side of the Island.  My travels last week to the island inspired this painting.  The calm west side of the island has many sailboats passing through the small passage between Monhegan and Manana Island.  The wild Roses ( Rose Rugosa) are fragrant throughout the island. Many artists travel here to paint!

I was also excited to see my article in the Bangor Daily Island about being the Jet Port Artist!
Click here to check it out!

5x7 Original Watercolor/ Matted & Framed 8x10 or 11x14/ ready to ship

Sunday, September 1, 2013


"Teal Cove"

 As a Maine artist, I have explored the coastline, sailing, kayaking and canoeing; my travels have inspired me to create these paintings ~~~~

TEAL COVE is a quiet stop and adventure for small treasures.  Here you will want to take a moment to rest and have a little lunch and explore all this little island has to offer.  Many boaters, have anchored here to collect sea glass, shells, and unique shaped stones of many colors.  Take a little dip in the teal water after a nice walk along the shore before heading back to the mainland.                  
 5x7 watercolor  /available for purchase please contact for information / Thank You