Saturday, September 7, 2013

" HANGING OUT TO DRY" Day # 7 / 30 in 30 Days of Painting

This is a true story : I was out on Monhegan Island, Maine 2 wks ago, and this Cormorant was literally hanging himself up on this line to dry.  They have no oil on their wings, so they must open them to dry in the wind.   I found this to be so funny, snapped a photo and thought it would make for a interesting "painting".  I really had fun painting this  "crazy bird" laughing while this creation came to life for me ~

5x7 Watercolor/Original/ Double Matted 8x10/ Famed,  ready to
"hang" no pun intended !


Linda Giroux said...

You are funny and an amazing talent my friend.

Arena Shawn said...

Lovely work Shelby! Humorous too...