Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day 28, 30 days of painting! Watercolor/ " Rainbow Trout II "

This rainbow trout is a close copy of the other trout but with more detail.  I 'm trying to get a true color  with rich highlights of the trout with new watercolors I ordered.  They have more pigment in the color of the paint, which leaves the painting with a more realistic look.  As a young girl I would watch my father make these flies with bright green and red colors this fly was painted from a memory from my childhood.

Original watercolor/ 8x10 

PRICE $225.00


Deanna Lack said...

I have good memories of fishing with dad too... you've made him so shiny! I love the vibrant fish against the subtly colored background.

Jane said...


Anonymous said...

I too have great memories of fishing with my Dad and my Granddad but my brother-in-law is a fisherman and I love looking at fish.

This one is lovely. Nice job with colors and details.