Wednesday, January 8, 2014

DAY 8, 30 in 30 days of painting " GATOR"

This alligator was flirting with me, so I "snapped"  a close-up photo and thought he would make a good subject to paint.  This is a Florida Gator, and they seem pretty tame but I heard from a good source they are quick to move.  Knowing this I probably won't get so close to another!

ORIGINAL 11X14  Matted 16x20

PRICE:  $325.00


Susan said...

The painting is beautiful. I love the blue tones. You made me laugh with your comment about Florida gators "seeming tame." OMGosh! There is no such thing as a tame gator. It's an illusion...maybe something to be painted...but certainly not a reality. :)

Sandy Sandy said...